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The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Academy: Join Jan ’23 Waitlist


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This is the programme that is going to help you get unstuck in your business and level up in attracting and helping more soul aligned clients, create more impact and generate increased and consistent income, all the while, making sure you are looked after at the heart of your business. This programme is designed to help give you the clarity, tools, and support you need to create success on your own terms.

By the end you will have…⁣

-A toolbox of ideas and strategies that will help your business stand out, best serve your customers and be a success.⁣
-A clearly defined structure and systems in place, so you know exactly what you are doing each day to successfully run your business, attract new clients and create profit.⁣
-⁣Transformed and improved your self-image so you’re a magnet for your ideal clients.⁣
-Habitualised rituals and practices that support your personal development, growth and self-care, to help ensure you don’t hit overwhelm, burn out or resentment as the CEO of your business.⁣
-Become part of a network of like minded women in business who you can continue to connect with, learn from and be inspired and supported by.⁣

Payment Plan available on request.

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This is for ambitious women with holistic / spiritual / creative businesses who are ready to..

– level up in their personal and business growth
– commit to taking action
– overcome any blocks, despite resistances
– be more visual online
– use social media as an effective marketing tool
– be held accountable to planning, decision making and staying focused
– feel organised and accomplished in their business daily
– attract more soul aligned customers and clients
– create more consistent income

Programme Format:
Weekly x 12:
A new recorded lesson (approx 20 mins) and workbook will be made available in the group portal to work through (except week 6).
A 1 hour live, online group call with Sharon for Q & A and hot seat coaching.
Support available during the weeks in the group portal for questions and feedforward on work.
Graduation Ceremony

Also included:
1:1 90 min mentoring session with Sharon
A welcome pack including an essential oil blend and Magic Earth Ceremonial cacao.
In person retreat day event (Dublin), Week 6.
Guest speakers
Exclusive offers on services that will support you in your business
Group accountability
Accountability partner

Are you ready to level up in all areas?
⁣⁣Financial Planning
Social Media
Lead Generation
Business Planning
Mind Reprogramming
Healthy Habits & Rituals
…& more!


“As I moved through the programme I felt more and more confident about myself and my business. I had the realisation that the only thing blocking my business is me! One of the things I found most enjoyable about the programme was meeting a bunch of beautiful, open, caring people who were working through “stuff” just like me and I found great benefit in being in the live sessions. The whole experience is unique, it is not just about business it is about the whole person, a real journey of self discovery. I don’t know another business course that would highlight some of the things Sharon did.The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Academy is the rocket fuel you need to get you kick started in your business if feeling stuck”. T, Reflexologist

“I came on the programme because I wanted to gain more confidence and knowledge and I got way more than I expected. The significant breakthrough for me was a moment around goals and purpose. The stories I was telling myself about what I was doing or trying to do are gone now. I feel like I have shed a number of layers of snakeskin. I took hold of the wheel and turned the ship around. Sharon reflected the power of music back to me and I had a lot of enlightening moments around feeling like a channel for the difference I can make. Sharon says “If you’re not going to do it now, when are you going to do it.” and it’s so right”. F, Recording and Performing Artist

“When I started out in the academy I was feeling very stuck. Yoga was there but I was treating it very much like a hobby so it was almost like I earned pocket money. I really wanted to become unstuck and try to create a sustainable business and be a bit more financially independent. I originally joined the academy with the business side of it in mind but it ended up being so much more. Sharon is so generous and it has been an unbelievable experience. Before the programme I was playing small, not standing in my truth and value and after the programme there has definitely been a shift there. When negative thoughts come up I am now steering the ship in the other direction. I now feel like I am standing in my power and like I have control. I now feel like I have the power to create the life that I want to lead”. A, Yoga Instructor

“I have experienced a massive shift. I’m talking about my business so naturally now compared to last year. On the personal side, I feel like I am starting to find my voice. I have realised that things don’t have to be perfect within my business for it to work. The questions Sharon asks and her approach to things within this programme is beautiful. There is no judgement and you are just you.” S, Reflexologist

“When I first joined I was feeling very frustrated and stuck. I didn’t even know what to do next. The structure that Sharon offered, in particular the financial planning and planning the week has been helping me a lot. I realised that the main things standing in my way were myself and my mindset” C, Wellness Advocate and Thermomix Advisor.


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