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A 4 week 1:1 immersion to help you get unstuck and experience the freedom and success you want.

-How long have you been feeling this way and going around in circles?
-What would it mean to you to finally have clarity on your fog?
-How much would you like to feel like a weight is lifted and you feel free?

-Are you ready yet to feel fulfilled, happy and satisfied with life?
I’m THE EXPERT who will show you how!

-Feeling stuck and like you’re going around in circles (In a relationship, a job, with your wellbeing or just a general feeling within self)
-Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, frustrated, overwhelmed, resentful, lacking in clarity, tired of putting everyone else before yourself.
-Tired of feeling this way and motivated to resolve it once and for all.

This is your opportunity to become Unstuck!

…You will be feeling free to move forward with certainty, clarity and confidence to be and do exactly what is right for you.

Further details below…


4 x 90 minute 1:1 online sessions with Sharon
1 x 30 minute follow up call one month later to check in on progress of embodying your new way of being, to celebrate wins and to help you create next action steps.

– Gain clarity on your goals and ‘why’.
– Identify and release emotional blocks (with Sharon’s own intuitive energy healing modality)
– Reprogramme limiting beliefs and conditioning.
– Create self-care rituals to support and sustain you.
– Learn & implement tools and techniques to create and support your personal freedom.

Are you ready to take action in finally getting unstuck and becoming Unstoppable?

Here’s what some ‘Unstuck!’ clients have to say:


“Before working with Sharon, I held a fear of making the leap and putting myself out there. I had Imposter Syndrome and no confidence. After, I felt I’m ready and achieving my goal is possible for me. Working with Sharon was the step I didnt even realise I needed!”

Brona O’Sullivan, Behaviour Analyst.

“My biggest take-away from working with Sharon was learning how to transform beliefs to help bring me to where I want to go. Before I felt stuck, like my wheels were spinning, a lack of confidence and frustrated about the effect of all of this on my life & business. After working with Sharon, I felt inspired with new ideas and now have new tools to help me through my challenges”.

Mairead Guinan, NeighbourFood Tullamore

“I experienced a massive shift working with Sharon. I feel like I am starting to find my voice. I have realised that things don’t have to be perfect within my business for it to work. The questions Sharon asks and her approach to things is beautiful. There is no judgement and you are just you”

Sharon Joyce, Reflexologist

“Before working with Sharon, I felt completely stuck, isolated, a bit depressed and sad. She became the support and cheerleader I so desperately needed to help me move from my music lecturing career to my life-time dream of recording and performing my own music. Sharon helped me breakthrough a huge emotional block which I had been avoiding. One of the biggest shifts happened when she facilitated a deep healing through connection with my Dad in spirit. Sharon’s mentoring is unconventional in that she has the unique ability of intuitive insight, a deep wisdom and a very sensitive and gentle way of being that powerfully helps move mountains. What also made the difference was me allowing myself to be helped, carving out a self-nurturing plan and time with Sharon’s help and being held accountable to my commitments to self. Now I am excited, have more confidence and self-belief and am working on my own performances”.

Fionnuala Conway, Recording and Performing Artist

“The breakthroughs that I had working with Sharon were incredible. She got to the core of issues that I have had for years, within the first hour of my first 1:1 session with her. I feel like I have a completely different outlook on everything. She is kind, competent and just an absolutely beautiful and inspiring person! Her guidance is worth her weight in gold and I feel so blessed to have been in her universe starting out this year. I feel renewed and empowered!”

Patricia Farrell-Burke, Lawyer turned Wellness Coach

“I was feeling stuck, stagnant & uncertain. I was watching Sharon online from a safe comfortable distance, liking, admiring, dreaming but never, ever really thinking I would sign up for her help. After spending a weekend in one of her Bootcamps, I am moving forward with more excitement, motivation & with greater clarity. My biggest breakthrough was through learning techniques to change limiting beliefs about myself. Sharon’s commitment to learning, self development & helping other women shines through”.

Adrienne Doyle, Yoga Instructor

“Sharon helped me break through my blocks and really inspired something within me to come alive. Knowing she could clearly see my vision, believed in me and was totally invested in what I wanted to achieve was everything”

Sarah, Menstrual Awareness Educator

“I’m grateful for Sharon’s help. Before it I had a crisis of confidence and self-belief. I felt nervous and had fear of the unknown. I was prompted to think about things differently and I had a lightbulb moment that the answers are within and I need to stop waiting for someone to give them to me. I feel optimistic about the future and am clear about my next steps in making my dreams come true”.

Charlotte Pike, Food Writer and Teacher

“Before attending Sharon’s Bootcamp, I felt a lack of self-confidence and self-worth, mental blocks that make me procrastinate. I appreciate Sharon as she motivates the heck out of me! My highlight take-away is the power of meditating and learning that manifesting our future is within ourselves. After, I could see the road ahead more clearly, felt more free, valued myself more and remembered my passions”.

Tammy Ffrench, Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner

“The Mentoring sessions with Sharon have made me pay more attention and think more about what is happening when I am feeling stuck and have helped me recognise how I am and how I react. I’m now more self-aware and am able to pull myself back from reacting to situations and I definitely take better self care”.

Teresa Langan, Reflexologist.

“When I first joined Sharon, I was feeling very frustrated and stuck. I didn’t even know what to do next. The structure that Sharon offered has helped me a lot. I realised that the main things standing in my way were myself and my mindset and Sharon helped me with that”

Charisse Van Khan, Thermomix Advisor

“It was a brilliant course and I feel more at ease. Talking and learning from Sharon, helped to build my self belief. If you want to build your confidence, Sharon is an amazing leader and mentor”.

Maria Saunders, Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner

“Since working with Sharon I have this great feeling of being able to achieve anything! Thank you for my new found confidence! How even am I?!”

Leanne, Wexford

“I have come a long way thanks to Sharon. I really couldn’t have chosen a better person, not only with the right information and steps to get to where I’m going, but the personal work is life changing. I’m very grateful for Sharon’s patience and approach to the way we worked together”

Stephanie, Dublin


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