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Primary Benefits

• Turmeric brings a burst of flavour to savoury meals.

• Adds a spicy and peppery flavour to your favourite hot drinks.

• The aroma of Turmeric provides an emotionally uplifting environment.


• Make your own Turmeric Tea by mixing coconut milk, water, honey, tea and one to two drops of Turmeric Essential Oil.

• Add Turmeric essential oil to scrambled eggs or frittatas, plain rice or soups for a subtle spicy and peppery flavor.

• When using Tumeric essential oil in cooking, you may want to start out with The Toothpick Method – simply dip a toothpick in the essential oil bottle, stir into your dish, taste and repeat until you’ve added your desired amount.

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Turmeric is an aromatic plant in the ginger family that has been used for centuries in China, India, and Sri Lanka. Turmeric has a warm, spicy taste that acts as a great burst of flavour in your favourite savoury meals. It can also be emotionally uplifting and stimulating to the mood.

Directions For Use

For food flavouring.


Only use diluted. Take no more than one drop per day. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes and mucosa.

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