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Primary Benefits

• Cinnamon Bark is also a popular ingredient when making many different appetisers, breads, and desserts.


• Place 1 drop of Cinnamon essential oil in hot water or tea and drink slowly In your next recipe including cinnamon, replace ground cinnamon with Cinnamon essential oil for a delightfully spicy flavour.

• Add one drop to 100 ml of water and gargle for an effective mouth rinse and fresh breath.

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The sweet, spicy aroma of cinnamon bark is loved around the world. Cinnamon is derived from a tropical evergreen tree that grows up to 45 feet high and has highly fragrant bark, leaves, and flowers. Cinnamon Bark has a long history of culinary uses, but its essential oil is surprisingly versatile. Cinnamon is frequently used in mouth rinses and gums.

Directions for Use

For food flavouring.


Only use diluted. Take no more than one drop per day. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Keep out of eyes, inner ears, face, sensitive areas, and mucosa. In case of skin contact, dilute generously with a carrier oil.

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