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Boundary Babe : 4 Week Group Programme


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Join my Boundary Babe 4 week Group Programme and be taken through my proven step-by-step framework, that guarantees to help you transform from feelings of overwhelm, anger and resentment in holding all the responsibilities and taking care of everyone else’s needs but your own, to priortising yourself and creating consistent quality time, space, peace, calm and joy for you.

Does the thought of setting boundaries bring on feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt and confusion on where to even start? Yet deep down you know they are your solution to overcoming the overwhelm, anger and resentment you feel holding all the responsibilities and taking care of everyone else’s needs but your own.

This is my proven step-by-step framework, that is guaranteed to help you achieve this and more by the end:

-Be more confident in setting boundaries, standing by them no matter what and in ditching the uncomfortable feelings that come with the process.

-Have your needs met first, so your cup is full before looking after others.

-Experience less depletion, overwhelm and resentment in your everyday life and instead more spaciousness, peace, calm and joy.

-Have a community of like-minded women on a similar boundary setting journey to cheer-lead and support during the programme and beyond.

Starts 3rd May, 2023! Limited places available. Secure yours now.


-Identify what you value and want out of life.
-Become more aware of your needs and feelings.
-Map out how your new way of being in your life can work practically.
-Learn tips and scripts for effectively communicating your needs and boundaries to others.
-Compound your own effective personal boundary system.
-Reap the personal rewards of your new boundaries!


🔥 4 x 1 Hour Live Group Coaching Calls with me
🔥 Hot seat Q & A time to focus on your specific needs.
🔥 Exclusive online community group
🔥 Community of like-minded women
🔥 Prompts for daily self-reflection time


‘I realised I have been looking outside of myself for validation, approval and for others to set the boundaries for me. Now the lens is turned towards me and feels very uncomfortable but really important and timely. This has given me insight into how I’m living my life and where I can take back some control’.

‘I have become more aware of what and who drains my energy and thinking about how it makes me feel and what I can do to protect myself from it’.

‘I’ve committed to getting up before everyone else and creating space for me’.

‘Now I’m committed to doing things that I don’t feel like doing but I know are helpful for me, like going to the gym, getting up earlier, etc’.

‘I did know that I never gave myself a whole lot of time and some things were really draining me.

‘I wasn’t sure what my boundary issues were because I never really thought about it. Now I’m taking more time for myself and actually prioritising it, delegating tasks around the home and taking some things off my plate and not feeling guilty about it’.

‘When other people’s issues come up, I usually got caught up in the middle of them. Now I politely say I’m no longer dealing with it, because essentially it was nothing to do with me!’

‘I have been reminded how crucial it is for me to take back full ownership and responsibility for the life I am creating versus having life be created for me! That it’s me against me or me in support of me. The most important boundaries I need to sustain are the ones I create within my own inner terrain’.

‘This was such an insightful programme and gave me so much to consider. We get so busy with kids and day to day life that I realised I had taken on too much. I’m so grateful for this chance to sit and make myself take a look at my own personal boundaries or lack thereof and put some really important ones in place!’

‘I put boundaries in place to allow myself me time’.

‘This programme provided me with an incredible insight into my world, how I was feeling and gave me the opportunity to make changes’.



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