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I’m in another country outside of Ireland / Europe. Can I still purchase from this store?

Yes. You can purchase retail here. Alternatively, if you would like to set up a wholesale account you can do so here. Either way, simply select your country at the start of the process when prompted. If you would like to set up a wholesale account with the purchase of an enrollment kit then please choose from the selection relevant to your country and then select that item once you get to the cart area of the application. If you would like help with selecting oils, products or a kit then contact us by email or make an appointment for a complimentary consult by phone. 

New Zealand:

Will I become part of your community if I purchase retail?

Membership of our community is reserved for wholesale account members only. While you won’t have the options of attending complimentary events, discounted tickets, joining our community groups and receiving our infamous welcome pack, we will still be happy to support you in the use of the products you purchased. Be sure to make an appointment here for a complimentary wellness consult. 

I can't decide between the Family Essentials and Home Essentials kits. Help!

These are definitely two very popular starter kits. If you are purchasing a kit for family use, we have found from customer feedback that, despite the name, the Family Essentials kit can get used up quite quickly. It is more of a sample kit with the bottles being 5ml. We therefore recommend the Home Essentials kit which has 15ml bottles (except the Deep Blue which only ever comes as 5ml). 

Regardless of how many people you need the kit for, the Home Essentials is the best value with three times the amount of oils compared to the Family Essentials kit. Obviously the Home Essentials kit comes with a diffuser too which is one of the three ways to make best use of your oils. The Family Essentials kit is still a super kit to start with if this is how far your budget will stretch. 

Whatever you decide to go for, we recommend you add Fractionated Coconut Oil, Veggie Caps and a diffuser (if not already included) to your order so you can use the oils in three ways, topically, internally and aromatically.

Can I purchase a wholesale account as a gift for someone else?

Yes. However, be sure to input their name, address, date of birth, email and phone number on the application form (rather than yours). Alternatively you can purchase a gift voucher for them to use to set up their account themselves.

I’ve read that essential oils should not be ingested. Why do doTERRA say some of their oils can be taken internally?

So, here at Essential Living by Sharon we LOVE that a wide selection of doTERRA’s essential oils are approved to take internally. We drink them in cool and warm water and drinks, drop them under our tongue, take them (especially the hot oils) in veggie capsules and we use them in cooking and baking too (oh boy…peppermint brownies!). 

We can’t speak for other brands but here’s what doTERRA has to say on the topic:

Eight reasons to use doTERRA’s essential oils internally:

As always we encourage the safe use of doTERRA’s essential oils however you choose to use them. We look forward to educating and supporting you in that if you choose to purchase them through us.

I’m sceptical about how essential oils work. Are they backed by science?

Yes and doTERRA are world leaders in research and science. They have an ever growing team of scientists and a Medical Advisory Board composed of certified physicians from around the world who are leaders in integrative healthcare. Their experience with essential oil usage in their various specialities is a valuable contribution to doTERRA’s mission of educating individuals on the value of essential oils as an alternative method of care and wellness.

You will find lots more information on this here ( including doTERRA’s essential oil chemistry handbook, science blog and links to meet the teams and learn more about the research and science.

Do the oils have a shelf life?

Shelf life testing performed on essential oils has shown that essential oils maintain their efficacy even after 5-10 years or more. You will find expiry dates on the bottom of each of doTERRA’s essential oil bottles. 

doTERRA recommend that their essential oils are stored at room temperature conditions, out of direct sunlight and always tightly secure the cap back on.

Can I use doTERRA’s essential oils during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

This is what doTERRA have to say on these topics:

If you choose to use doTERRA’s essential oils, supplements and products at any stage of your process, we would love to educate and support you on your journey with them. In fact, we are already excited as we know you will love how doTERRA’s natural solutions can help and support you and your baby. Plus we loooove new little humans joining our oil community, particularly as they have the opportunity to be the first generation to grow up empowered with natural healthcare solutions from the get-go!

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