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1:1 Mentoring

Private Mentoring with Sharon.
90 minute private 1:1 sessions (online).
Go to ‘Book a Call’ to secure your appointment (or send me a message if no suitable times showing).

Are you feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, frustrated, overwhelmed, resentful, lacking in clarity and tired of putting everyone else before yourself? Do you have that sense like you’re going around in circles and can’t find a way out? Are you feeling not good enough, filled with self-doubt and lack self-belief and confidence? Is all of this affecting your relationships, health and wellbeing, work and other life experiences?

If you are ready to commit and to take action, I can help you identify exactly what’s blocking you and finally do something about it.

Typical ways I will help you:
– Gain clarity on your goals and ‘why’.
– Identify and release emotional blocks.
– Reprogramme limiting beliefs and conditioning.
– Create self-care rituals to support and sustain you.
– Planning, organisation and creating bespoke systems and structures to support you.
– Optional: Plant Medicines, doTERRA Essential Oils and Ceremonial Cacao to support.
– Intuitive guidance and channelling.
– Psychic Mediumship when appropriate.


“Sharon’s mentoring is unconventional in that she has the unique ability of intuitive insight, a deep wisdom and a very sensitive and gentle way of being that powerfully helps move mountains. Before working with Sharon 1:1, I felt completely stuck, isolated, a bit depressed and sad. She became the support and cheerleader I so desperately needed. Sharon helped me breakthrough a huge emotional block which I had been avoiding” Dr. Fionnuala Conway.

“Sharon is that rare leader who inspires others to grow and make a difference by forging grace, aesthetics, compassion and competence into a uniquely powerful form of teaching, guidance and coaching. I appreciate and admire her courage, capacity and loving way of engaging and following through. She is a gift to all who have the good fortune of working with her” Robert Staub, Chairman EQIQ Leadership & Founder of Staub Leadership International.

“The breakthroughs I had in my very first 1:1 session with Sharon were incredible. She got to the core of issues that I have had for years just within the first hour and I feel like I have a completely different outlook on everything. She is kind, competent and just an absolutely beautiful and inspiring person! Her guidance is worth her weight in gold and I feel so blessed to now be in her universe. I feel renewed and empowered!” Patricia Farrell Burke, Lawyer turned Wellness Coach.

“Before it, I had a crisis of confidence and self-belief. I felt nervous and had fear of the unknown. I was prompted to think about things differently and I had a lightbulb moment that the answers are within me and I need to stop waiting for someone to give them to me. I feel optimistic about the future and am clear about my next steps in making my dreams come true” Charlotte Pike, Food Writer and Teacher

“I love how Sharon combined my love of oils and meditation with the practical element of starting a business. Before working with Sharon, I held fear of making the leap and putting myself out there. I had Imposter Syndrome and no confidence. After, I felt I’m ready and achieving my goal is possible for me. Working with Sharon was the step I didn’t even realise I needed!” Brona O’Sullivan, Behaviour Analyst

“Before working with Sharon 1:1, I had self-belief but was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all the to-do’s in setting up my new business. Despite having a huge passion & a real surge of knowing I wanted to do this, I didn’t know where to start. Sharon helped me break through my blocks and really inspired something within me to come alive. Knowing she could clearly see my vision, believed in me and was totally invested in what I wanted to achieve was everything” Sarah, Menstrual Awareness Educator

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