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1:1 Mentoring

Private Mentoring with Sharon.
12 x 1.5 hr private 1:1 sessions (online)

By the end you will have…⁣

⁣- Launched / refreshed your business and closed 3 clients.
– A clearly defined structure and systems in place, so you know exactly what you are doing each day to successfully run your business and create profit.⁣
– A toolbox of ideas and strategies that will help your business stand out, best serve your customers and be a success.⁣
– Transformed and improved your self-image, belief and confidence, so you’re a magnet for your ideal clients and increase your sales.
– Habitualised rituals and practices that support your personal development, growth and self-care, to help ensure you don’t hit overwhelm, burn out or resentment as the CEO of your business.⁣

Typical Process

– Identify and release emotional blocks.
– Reprogramme limiting beliefs and conditioning.
– Create self-care rituals to support and sustain you and your business.
– Gain clarity on your goals and ‘why’, plus who you serve.
– Plan and get organised with bespoke systems and structures.
– Financial, offers and pricing planning, plus sales.
– Create your personal and brand style and identity.
– Learn and implement effective marketing strategies.
– Increase visibility on social media to attract more clients and sales.

Are you ready to take action and become an Unstoppable Entrepreneur?

Here’s what some 1:1 Unstoppable Entrepreneur graduates have to say:


“In just 3 sessions with Sharon, I went from frozen in fear to starting with my first client who I booked for 6 sessions. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short space of time!⁣ Before working with Sharon, I felt overwhelmed, unsure & lacking in self-belief. I had burnt out from my corporate career and did not want to go back. Now I’m feeling much more confident in my ability to run my business & know I can do it”. ⁣

Sharon Joyce, Reflexologist

“Before working with Sharon I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all the to-do’s in setting up my new business (although I already have another). Despite having a huge passion and a real surge of knowing I wanted to do this, I didn’t know where to start. The accountability to Sharon ensured that I kept motivated and focused on working through my action plan list that she helped me create. Knowing Sharon could clearly see my vision, believed in me and was totally invested in what I wanted to achieve was everything. I felt on top of the world as I wrapped up my first workshop. My confidence has grown hugely, I feel like I can do anything now and I’m really excited for what’s to come”.

Sarah Watters, Menstrual Cycle Awareness Educator

“Before working with Sharon, I felt completely stuck, isolated, a bit depressed and sad. She became the support and cheerleader I so desperately needed to help me move from my music lecturing career to my life-time dream of recording and performing my own music. Sharon helped me breakthrough a huge emotional block which I had been avoiding. One of the biggest shifts happened when she facilitated a deep healing through connection with my Dad in spirit. Sharon’s business mentoring is unconventional in that it’s not just a business course, but she has the unique ability of intuitive insight, a deep wisdom and a very sensitive and gentle way of being that powerfully helps move mountains. What also made the difference was me allowing myself to be helped, carving out a self-nurturing plan and time with Sharon’s help and being held accountable to my commitments to self. Now I am excited, have more confidence and self-belief and am working on my own performances”.

Fionnuala Conway, Recording and Performing Artist

The breakthroughs that I had working with Sharon were incredible. She got to the core of issues that I have had for years, within the first hour of my first 1:1 session with her. I feel like I have a completely different outlook on everything. She is kind, competent and just an absolutely beautiful and inspiring person! Her guidance is worth her weight in gold and I feel so blessed to have been in her universe starting out this year. I feel renewed and empowered!”

Patricia Farrell-Burke, Lawyer turned Wellness Coach

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