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My Unconventional Mentoring

My mentoring is very unique in that I use unconventional methods to help and support my clients. Through psychic visions, Divinely channelled messages, intuitive guidance and even Mediumship connection, my sixth sense abilities richly support my private 1:1 clients. With these natural abilities, I help women to get to the root of and shift a sense of ‘stuckness’, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, clearing the way for living a happy & fulfilled life of freedom.

I also offer plant medicines to my clients for support. doTERRA Essential Oils are powerful natural allies to help clear dense emotions, soothe anxious feelings, ground and calm, instil self-belief and confidence as well as focus, motivate and all round health and wellbeing.

Magic Earth Cacao is richly packed with health benefits and I guide my clients on an inward journey with this plant spirit energy. Ceremonial cacao will help powerfully connect to intuition for inspiration and answers, tap into our infinite well of creativity and abundance, encourage taking care of self and to have an open heart.

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