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Dee McGarrity

I am a mum of one and a business professional, working in finance. My passion lies in health and well-being. I am so invested in physical and mental wellness.

My ‘Why?’
doTERRA supports my goal to be the best version of me on a daily basis. Their products have changed my life for the better and my mission is to share this with others. I have found my purpose within the wellness industry and am learning and growing with each day.

My top 3 oils
Wild orange – my go to oil for cleansing and digestion. I also find it the most uplifting oil, happiness in a bottle.

Clary sage – has balanced my hormone levels when nothing else would work for me. I am so much more at ease each month and feel a sense of calm every time I use the oil.

Lavender – is my all rounder life saver. It helps me sleep, soothes my aching muscles after work outs, relieves tension and worry for my little one and is a miracle worker in my skin care regime.

My Core Values
Consistency, Reliability, Empowerment

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