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My Why

Have you ever found yourself questioning what life is all about? Have you ever felt anxious, scared, lost, alone, vulnerable, sad, upset, miserable, confused, burnt out and / or so overwhelmed by everything that you couldn’t see a way out? That was me and my life in a nutshell for a period of time until a few years ago.

I one day found the courage to end my marriage, an unhealthy relationship. It felt like jumping off a cliff without a safety harness. As if that wasn’t huge enough, I wasn’t prepared for what was to come with the loss of many more relationships who put the shutters down on me. I felt left, as Brene Brown says, ‘Braving the Wilderness’, with two young daughters, little support, too overwhelmed to work, financially unstable and the threat of our home being taken from under us. My whole existence was rocked to it’s core.

I find it hard to believe how my life has transformed for the better in such a short space of time and besides the support I received from therapists, mentors, healers and my meditation and yoga practice, I give huge credit to how doTERRA’s oils supported and guided me throughout and the incredible community of people who came with them.

Using doTERRA’s oils helped me connect with my inner peace in the midst of a cyclone of chaos. They helped me in gaining clarity around making choices for what was inherently right for me. They supported me when making the decision to end my marriage and to help draw out the courage I didn’t even know I had, but knew I needed. They gave me great comfort and reassurance in my process of grieving. They helped bring me back to my breath and centre when I felt engulfed by overwhelming emotions and panic attacks. They helped me by providing huge and much needed emotional support for my daughters also. Most importantly, they have taught me how to really look after myself properly and first.

It is my renewed life purpose and passion to inspire, educate and support others in using doTERRA’s oils and through my Mentorship, to offer hope, help and perhaps even the lifeline needed to help improve their health, wellbeing and lives.

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