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Guatemalan Magic Earth Ceremonial Cacao 454g (1 Lb)

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This 100% organic ceremonial cacao is a high vibrational plant medicine which is experienced as a comforting and delicious drink. 

This cacao is 100% Mayan owned and grown on an indigenous family farm in San Marcos, Guatemala. It is made by the Ruku’x’Ulew women’s collective who hand roast it over an open fire and ground it into discs of paste.

Drink intentionally as a daily healthy habit ritual and / or in ceremony alone or with others. 

This Guatemalan cacao is a higher energy medicine than the Peruvian Cacao. It is bold in flavour, slightly bitter and thick when made as a ceremonial dose. This cacao is ideal for movement, being out in nature, dance, singing and even before a workout!

On purchase, you will also be provided with a recipe and ritual for preparing your cacao drink.

Cacao also encourages and invites community. You will also receive details of upcoming (online / in person) ceremonies which you can purchase a ticket to join if liked.

Every purchase of this cacao supports these indigenous Guatemalan families and the continuation of their artisanal craft. 

There is also a 225g (1/2 Lb) bar of this cacao available.

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Cacao is a heart opening medicine and will energetically help…

  • Open a space for time with self and inward reflection. 
  • Create connection with and exploration of a slower pace, intentional living, a deeper awareness and meaning to life, presence and gratitude.
  • Release heavy, low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, jealousy, resentment and shame.
  • Calm, comfort and ground.
  • You reconnect with your inner guidance system and intuitive nature, helping you seek answers and inspiration.
  • You remember ancient wisdom and intelligence stored within your body.
  • Draw out / strengthen compassion, forgiveness and integrity.
  • You expand into the greatest version of you.
  • You have greater connection with and respect for Mother Earth.

Health benefits include…

  • Improved mood due to Seratonin and Anadamide, the ‘bliss’ molecule.
  • The release of dopamine, bringing about feelings of arousal.
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Regulation of blood sugar levels, blood pressure, balanced energy and better sleep patterns thanks to its magnesium content.
  • Benefits of calcium due to it’s high count.
  • Iron support and properties. Cacao is the highest plant based source of iron known to man.
  • 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries, which protects us from disease.


None of this is medical advice and it is not suggested to replace your doctor’s advice. This is from information commonly known about the contraindications of cacao.


If on medication for depression, it is recommended to not have ceremonial cacao.Medications for depression which contain MAOI inhibitors should not be mixed with cacao because it could cause severe migraines.  If experiencing depression and not on medication, then cacao can help due to it’s Anandamide (bliss hormone) and Magnesium (for sleep) content as well as its heart opening abilities to help with reconnection with self.


Yes it is ok to drink ceremonial cacao during pregnancy, but never a full ceremonial dose (2oz / 48-54g), but instead a 1oz / 25g dose or less. Like every other holistic treatment, you may choose to be cautious in the first trimester. Trust your own body and do what feels right for you.


Breastfeeding women who drink ceremonial cacao, have reported positive effects on their babies. Trust your own instincts on whether to have a full ceremonial dose (2oz / 48-54g) or a 1oz / 25g dose or less.


As ceremonial cacao is a vasodilator and therefore increases blood flow and heart rate, it is best to seek medical advice if you have a heart condition. This includes high and low blood pressure. If you choose to drink ceremonial cacao, a 1oz / 25g dose or less is best.


Cacao may interact with other medications like blood-thinners or other heart or brain medication for example. It’s always best to consult your doctor for medical advice and to make your own informed decision from there.


  • Ceremonial cacao is not psychoactive.
  • You can also choose to be in a cacao ceremony space without having any cacao, but instead something like a rose or other herbal tea with the intention set to tune into mama cacao energy.

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