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Our favourite 4 products to aid Digestive Health

Compromised digestive function can result in energy deficiencies, lowered immunity, weight gain, and gastrointestinal discomfort. You can support your digestive system by eating a healthy diet high in fiber, and by drinking plenty of water. Select essential oils and nutritional supplements can help support healthy digestion and ease discomfort. An upset or knotted stomach can halt all your activities. When your gut is healthy it supports the health of your entire body including your emotions.

Our Top Picks:


Zengest is a great companion to aid in the digestion of food, soothe occasional upset stomachs, and reduce uncomfortable gas when used internally. Take internally after meals to promote digestion. Take one to three drops in water or one softgel. Soothe occasional stomach upset by applying a drop of Zengest to abdomen and massage gently. Zengest can also assist in ‘digesting’ your day. Drink a drop in a cup of warm water after dinner to help relieve any anxious feelings and help with a restful sleep.

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Digestive enzymes are specialised proteins that help to break down food and convert nutrients into energy in cells. If you don’t make enough enzymes, which many of us don’t, especially as we age, you may experience discomfort. Taking Zengest TerraZyme with meals supports digestion and metabolism of enzyme-deficient, processed foods.

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Healthy adults typically house over 1,000 species of bacteria in their gut. This “microbiome” has been connected with various aspects of health, including emotions, weight, and immune function. Eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits can help diversify the healthful bacteria in your gut. Supplementation with probiotics can also be beneficial. Take one PB Assist+ three times daily with food for 10 days to promote colonization of friendly digestive flora.

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Sometimes, if the lining of the small intestine is not working optimally, unwanted substances may leak into the bloodstream. This is often referred to as “leaky gut.” As a result, the body’s intestines are less able to produce the digestive enzymes necessary for absorbing essential nutrients. Reducing your body’s toxic load is an important step. Taking a drop of Lemon essential oil internally each day, morning and evening, can help your body cleanse itself, no matter what your reason.

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