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Essential Intimacy Class

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An exploration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of intimacy and unleashing personal power and potential with the support of doTERRA’s essential oils

This class explores the use of doTERRA’s essential oils to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of connection with self and others in intimacy. Intimacy starts with connection to our own body, mind and hearts (into-me-see). Shame, guilt, trauma, fear, negative beliefs and lack of self and body confidence are some of the challenges which can be addressed with the use of doTERRAs essential oils.

Sharon shares her 15 access codes that she believes are core to cultivating the best versions of ourselves from how we show up in the world in every single moment of our day to being a reflection of how we show up in relationships and in intimacy.

With sex being an expression of intimacy, we will also deep dive into how doTERRA’s oils can be used for all. the. things. doTERRA’s essential oils can help reduce stress, elevate mood, increase libido and through the aphrodisiac properties of many of them, increase feelings of sensuality and sexual energy. From relaxation and massage, emotional connection, arousal, pleasure and play, to the big O’s, (all served up for one or more), oil recipes, tips and tricks will be shared.

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the body. It is the energy of creation and creativity. When sexual ‘life force’ energy is activated and intimately connected with our hearts, we can become the most thriving, unstoppable, and inspired versions of ourselves in actualising our purpose in the world. doTERRA’s essential oils are natural, supportive and effective tools in achieving this.

Whether triggered or excited by any or all of this, this is the class for you, as there are oils to support from either end of the spectrum. Also, whether single or with a partner.

The purchase of this class also includes an ebook of tips, tricks and recipes.


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