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Emotional Breakthrough Experience Session

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Denying our true feelings and suppressing dense emotions like anger, guilt, resentment, shame, grief and sadness is detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing. For starters, 90% of our physical ailments have an emotional issue at the root cause.

We all hold unresolved feelings of pain and hurt and while it might feel easier and more comfortable in the short term to resist them, we end up experiencing pain; physical, mental, emotional and within our relationships and life experiences.

In order to feel good within our body and with emotions like true joy, happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, and fulfillment, we must first identify and release suppressed and dense emotions.

That’s not to say, we will be free of these emotions forever, but rather you now have a powerful tool to process and renew how you feel that is safe and effective and where you are supported.

As a certified Essential Emotions Coach, I will guide you in this groundbreaking process which offers you a simple, safe and empowered support tool for emotional and belief breakthroughs that will change everything for you.

Read below for details about who this is for, what it entails and what you can expect to get from it. Plus client reviews.


Who is this for?

Whether you tend to bottle up your emotions or are used to processing them, choosing to be guided and supported in this simple and effective process will leave you living more free.

This is the session for you if….

👉🏼You need to make changes in your life but are finding it difficult.
👉🏼You are feeling stuck in limiting beliefs and / or decision making.
👉🏼You are feeling confused and are seeking clarity.
👉🏼You tend to bottle up your emotions and fear what might happen if you tap into and release them, yet you sense you need to.
👉🏼Whether it’s anger, shame, guilt, resentment, grief, sadness or other, you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
👉🏼Whether it’s in a relationship, career or other life experience, you are feeling powerless, trapped and stuck.
👉🏼You’ve been taking care of everyone else’s needs, while not prioritising your own.
👉🏼You’ve been saying ‘everythings fine’ when you know it’s not and are ready to do something about that.
👉🏼You are human, as emotions are experienced by us all and shape our relationships and life experiences!

What to expect:

A typical session will be private 1:1, for 1 hour and either in person or online. This is a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space.

I will help you identify the core of the issue you would like to work on.

I will guide you with a series of questions to allow for new insights and awareness in your process.

Supported by the wisdom of the plant medicines, doTERRA Essential oils, we will use visualisation and declaration tools to help you release heavy emotions and invite in positive ones.

doTERRA Essential Oils are scientifically proven to positively effect the neurochemistry of the brain, so using them directly (in person) or energetically (if online and you don’t have) will support and catalyse your process.

I will help you create a plan that feels aligned for you in supporting your continued healing process and your next steps in moving forward so you feel empowered with tools and clarity.

Overall, I invite you to trust the process and be open to seeing what unfolds for you.

By the end, most clients say they: feel lighter, like they can breathe more easily, feel empowered by their new awareness and insights, have great clarity, a new sense of freedom and are motivated and excited to move forwards and make changes that support them well.

Get ready to elevate your wellbeing and glow from the inside out with your Emotional Breakthrough and Empowerment Experience.

I know all too well how it takes courage to face our emotional challenges. Having walked the pathway myself of emotional healing (& I continue to), I can vouch that it is a life changing experience to become emotionally empowered. Read below what others have to say about their experience of my Emotional Breakthrough sessions…

* By entering this coaching, you acknowledge that you want to make significant progress and change in their life. This coaching is for individuals that are relatively emotionally and psychologically healthy and who want to make changes and move forward in their lives. This coaching is not advice, therapy or counselling.

What clients have to say:

“Sharon, thank you for the most beautiful experience. The revelations that came through during and after the session helped me clear a huge block and I am seeing the shift already. Your guidance and the sacred space you created made me feel safe and held, as if I was chatting with a close friend I’ve known my entire life. Thank you Rahanni sister” Rachael Ball

“Thank you Sharon, it was a beautiful, enlightening and comforting hour. I cant actually believe how profound it was and just what I needed for clarity and direction” Sarah Watters

“After experiencing the Emotional Breakthrough Coaching session earlier, I feel compelled to provide a testimonial. This is a simple, yet potent coaching where I felt heard, supported and gently challenged in order to access and distill the most prevalent emotion within to facilitate its release. The change of state in my being was so quick and lasting – it completely changed my disposition for the remainder of the day” Sonia Quinn

“Sharon held the most safe and inviting space for me to go inwards to where and why my emotions were being stored in my body. A very special session, thank you so much” Cathy McCarthy

“I had the most amazing Emotional Breakthrough session with Sharon. Just wow! Sharon exudes calm and puts you at ease straight away. The session got deep, fast, with guilt being the emotion that came up for me. Sharon helped me to relax, tune into my body and helped me to release the emotion through visualisation. She also asked great questions for accountability. I felt non-judged, only understood and with compassion. I left feeling so much lighter, like a weight had been lifted and can take deep breaths. I can already feel a change in my nervous system. This is a truly powerful healing modality and I couldn’t recommend Sharon enough” Amanda Kelly


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