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Rahanni Celestial Energy Healing : Wexford

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Rahanni means ‘of one heart’ and is a gentle, yet effective therapy. It is a hands on, deep healing modality which helps activate the body’s natural healing abilities and creates a deep sense of balance, inner peace and harmony.

The energy channelled in Rahanni is high-vibrational, emphasising love, compassion and unity consciousness. It is a transformative modality with the purpose of raising the vibration of humanity.

Rahanni also…
-Alleviates many mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues.
-Reduces stress, promotes relaxation and improves sleep.
-Balances life force energy, chakra energy and whole body systems.
-Brings balance to masculine and feminine energies.
-Dissolves fear and other low vibrational energies and promotes positive thoughts.
-Facilitates emotional release and forgiveness.
-Cultivates spiritual connection and growth and heightened intuition.
-Opens the heart to your natural essence of truth, love and compassion.
-Brings peace and healing at the highest level.

This is a 1 hour, in-person session in Wexford town. You can add on an oracle card reading on the day if liked for €10.

See notes below.


Rahanni Energy Healing is a holistic therapy and not intended to cure or diagnose. Not suitable for anyone with a pacemaker. It is recommended for Diabetics to check their blood sugar levels after a treatment and adjust medication if necessary.


“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Rahanni Celestial healing treatment from Sharon, and I must say it was a truly transformative and uplifting experience. During the session, I could feel the energy as Sharon worked her magic, bringing balance to my heart centre, and I felt a profound release of negative energy that I was holding onto in my physical body. I highly recommend Sharon as a Rahanni healer. Her expertise, warmth, and genuine care shine through in every moment of the session”
Jenny Lynam

“I had a beautiul rahanni healing experience with Sharon. She is such an incredible space holder, I felt safe, supported and deeply held in this treatment. The music was powerful and her healing abilities shines through it’s very hard to justify the experience with words. I felt so light and my heart was full. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is curious”
Sarah Watters


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